About Us

Melard Coach is a charter bus tour company based in Lancaster Countythat prides itself on its comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable bus tours across the United States and Canada.

Melard Coach, established in Ephrata, PA in 2005, has since grown into a fleet of charter buses that have put hundreds of thousands of miles on their wheels across the many terrains of the United States and Canada. Since we began, it has been our mission to transport people to where they need to be, whether it’s for a wedding or a simple day trip.

For being a relatively new company, we have already established quite a reputation. Through public outreach, we secured a number of exciting tours and delighted hundreds of people as we traveled anywhere from Florida to Kentucky to New York City. Not only do we make it our business to delight our passengers, we also make it our mission to reach out to the community— one of our charter buses went to New Jersey to aid residents shortly after the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Any one of our 25 skilled drivers is dedicated to providing you with efficient and friendly service during the time you are in their care. When riding with Melard Coach charter tour buses, you are guaranteed a unique, enjoyable, and safe experience.

Melard Coach, located at 1289 Division Highway in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, offers you the opportunity to sit back and relax while we show you the sights you want to see. Please call (717) 738-4870 or visit our Contact Us page to reserve your charter bus tour today!

At Melard Coach, we strive to be recognized as the top charter tour bus company by:

  • Providing our passengers with quick, friendly, and professional service
  • Delivering them safely to their location
  • Ensuring a comfortable experience on any one of our buses
  • Keeping our customers updated about our tours, schedules, and itineraries
  • Keeping our customers updated about our tours, schedules, and itineraries
  • Consistently offering exciting, beautiful, and charitable touring opportunities
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