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Our Fleet

Our charter buses, based out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are both well-traveled and well-maintained and are guaranteed to give you a tour experience you won’t forget.

Be assured if you book a charter bus tour with Melard Coach, you are guaranteed a comfortable, reliable, and enjoyable adventure. From your plush seat, you’ll have a great view of the lakes, mountains, or plains, but with plenty of opportunity to rest along the way. Our charter buses come in three different sizes to accommodate your group’s needs and are driven by skilled professionals.

All of our buses are clean, constantly maintained, and driven by 25 skilled drivers with years of experience. None of our buses has ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Melard Coach also enforces certain policies on all of our charter tour buses to ensure that each guest has a safe and comfortable touring experience.

Melard Coach, located at 1289 Division Highway in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, offers you the opportunity to sit back and relax while we show you the sights you want to see. Please call (717) 738-4870 or visit our Contact Us page to reserve your charter bus tour today!

Charter Policies

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